Reamp User List

The Rolling Stones
Tom Petty
Green Day
Andy Johns
Elvis Costello
Van Halen
Joe Satriani
Steve Vai
Ronnie Montrose
Neil Schon
Third Eye Blind
Jerry Harrison
Jim Eno (Spoon)
Paisley Park Studios
Alan Sides
Bob Rock
Cirque Du Solei
Blue Man Group
Andy Smith
Tony Visconti
Brian Harding
Steve Gibb
Bryan Carlstrom
Full Sail
Alice in Chains
Craig Street
Joe Chiccarelli
Duke Levine
Bob Powers
Steve Berlin
Jack Jospeh Puig
James Murphy
Chris Isaak
Michael Seifert
Jason Bonilla
Jay Baumgardner
Jeff Watson
Jeffrey Johnson
Joe Blaney
Tom Flye
John Levanthall
John Merchant
Macaudio Lab
Mark Needham
Matt Wallace
Memphis Recording
Michael Penn
Mike Frasier
Mike Lastra
Pat McMakin
Royaltone Studios
Shelly Yakus
Steve Buckingham

Reamp Users In Action

Joe Satriani
San Francisco, USA

"The Reamp is the recording guitar player's best friend. It works great with bass and keyboards too.

There is no other device out there that can take a recorded DI performance and have the amp receive it exactly as it would if you were plugging your guitar, or, bass straight in the input."

—Joe Satriani

Kieran Lynch / The Engine Room
Dublin, Ireland

Hi John,

My last mix session was for a yet untitled band comprising both Irish and American musicians in a Dublin studio called The Engine Room.

I use the Reamp mainly to send, what I call "Internally Generated Sounds" such as synths, samples, loops etc, back out into the real world to help make them sound more organic. It really gives things a character and unifying sound that's much easier to control and place within a mix.

Another application of recent times was to re-broadcast guitars that had been recorded only as DI. With the Reamp we had all the time in the world to set up the amps the way we wanted and then just hit record. Just to be able to plug in old FX and Stomp boxes to an Aux send makes life so much easier, and the attenuation pot allows you to drive the inputs for different levels of distortion... it's a great box!

I've used the Reamp on Elvis Costello's Album "When I Was Cruel" and while working with producer Flood on U2's "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"

—Kieran Lynch

Geoff Allan / CaVa Sound
Glasgow, Scotland

Hi there John,

I recently bought one of your boxes and am thoroughly enjoying its use. I'm tracking an album in Glasgow Scotland for a band called Make Model (signed to EMI) We are really digging your box and thought you might like a snap of our use for it.

Yours, Geoff Allan

Robert L Smith / Defy Recordings
New York, USA

Hi John,

Your Reamp V.2 has saved the day here more than once at Defy Recordings. As much as everyone can record at home, a cranked Marshall is still a lease-breaker! The Reamp allows me to put that all essential 'air' around a sound that can't be had by a plug-in. Thanks for making the perfect box!

Robert L Smith

Andi Herr / Heyday Studios

Hello John,

I use the Type 85 + Chandler Germanium and the amps next to the DA-converter. It sounds great!!!! There is no noticeable difference for me compared to the direct amp sound.

Thank you very much and greetings from Germany
—Andi Herr

Joel Hamilton / Studio G
Brooklyn, USA

The Reamp gives me the flexibility I need to tailor the energy of each song I mix. If I tracked a DI for bass AND guitar, I wind up being able to make sonic decisions just like any other mix issue, with the actual tone of the bass and guitar, song by song. Amazing. The Reamp is an elegant tool for sonic shaping. I use the Reamp to integrate our vast pedal collection into the mix environment, and for all kinds of creative re-recording needs. There is a reason people say "Reamp" when they talk about chambering or re-recording something these days!

—Joel Hamilton

Shane McFee
Santa Barbara, USA

Just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome product. I have had my 10th anniversary model since it was new in 2004, and it was used on my band's debut album, "Dark Fiber." We're currently in the studio working on our second album and my trusty Reamp is hard at work once again!

Rock on!
Shane McFee
Vocals/Guitars/Production — BACKMASK

Tim Scott
London, UK


Wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your product, it fits its purpose perfectly. I'm just finishing my second artist album called Guitar Mashing which, incidentally has been mastered at Abbey Road by Geoff Pesche and features guitar and bass tracks that have benefited greatly from being Reamped.

Many Thanks,
Tim Scott
Acer Records UK
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